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Web Philosophy

Our Web design / Web Hosting Philosophy:
  • Site should be simple and light. (That's why people like as their favorite search engine.) This results in faster loading, and consumes less bandwidth.
  • Site addresses need to be small and familiar to access. Lengthy and too descriptive URI / URL s are not favoured by viewers.
  • Should be informative but should not be over crowded with too much of content.
  • Navigation and locating of required info should be quick.
  • Should not contain unnecessary modules, plug-ins, themes or graphics. This measure will reduce the burden on the servers, and contributes towards Energy conservation and in reducing global warming. - Because, every bit of processor task increases heat and energy consumption.
  • Graphic rich site content with videos and ajax, java, or flash etc can be used only in the required instances.
  • Don't be in favouritism, Don't cry JOOMLA, don't weep WORDPRESS. Choose the right CMS you are comfortable with. And your clients as well.
  • Don't teach, don't preach! But make it, or give a command. & Just do the needful. Take advice only that is worth to you. Do not seek too many suggestions and ideas. Use the brain. And be open to the experts' guides.
  • Do only what you know you are doing. 
  • Never infringe copyright. 
  • Thank your contributors and friends. Above all,Thank God.

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