Welcome to my tiny blogging thing.

Welcome to my Blog. why did I create a blog? Answer is, : 'just to see how it works.!'
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 [Johnson Dcunha.]

Web Philosophy

Our Web design / Web Hosting Philosophy:
  • Site should be simple and light. (That's why people like google.com as their favorite search engine.) This results in faster loading, and consumes less bandwidth.
  • Should be informative but should not be over crowded with too much of content.
  • Navigation and locating of required info should be quick.
  • Should not contain unnecessary modules, plug-ins, themes or graphics. This measure will reduce the burden on the servers, and contributes towards Energy conservation and in reducing global warming. - Because, every bit of processor task increases heat and energy consumption.
  • Graphic rich site content with videos and ajax, java, or flash etc can be used only in the required instances.
  • Don't declare yourself a pro. This will cover your viewpoint biased by your own prospective in the changing trends and demands. Though you need reputation, fame and wealth, be aware that jealousy may simply cause you being watched and troubled for no reason.
  • Don't be in favouritism, Don't cry JOOMLA, don't weep WORDPRESS. Choose the right CMS you are comfortable with. And your clients as well.
  • Don't teach, don't preach! But make it, or give a command. & Just do the needful. Take advice only that is worth to you. Do not seek too many suggestions and ideas. Use the brain. And be open to the experts' guides.
  • Do only what you know you are doing. 
  • Never infringe copyright. 
  • Thank your contributors and friends. Above all,Thank God.